The Practical Test

The driving test centre in Cambridge is located at Brookmount Court.The current test times are:

08:00 08.20 08.57 09.17 10.04 10.24 11.01 11.21
12.28 12.48 13.25 13.45 14.22 14.42 15.19 15.39

Practical test bookings are made via the DVSA booking website.

The Practical test is a basic test of competence at handling the controls of a motor car and candidates can pass it having made up to 15 minor faults during the test but no serious or dangerous faults.

The driving test lasts between 35 and 40 mins depending on the route and the traffic conditions. The driver must follow the road ahead unless road markings direct otherwise. The examiner gives verbal instructions when he wishes the driver to turn left/right or to make a stop at the roadside. A 20 minute period of independant driving is included whereby the driver must either:
a) Follow direction signs
b) Follow a series of verbal instructions or
c) Follow instructions given by a Sat Nav device

A compulsory manoeuvre is carried out during the test. The examiner requests the driver to perform either:
a) Drive forwards into a parking bay and reverse out.
c) Reverse into a parking bay
d) Parallel Park at the roadside

In addition the examiner may ask the driver to perform an emergency stop which must be carried out promptly and safely.

At the end of the test you are given the result. If the examiner records a failure then he will explain the nature of the serious or dangerous fault that occurred. Successful candidates are presented with a pass certificate and can expect the full license to arrive in the post some 10 days later.

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