Learning to Drive

Once you have received your provisional licence you can then start to learn to drive.

How many hours of lessons will I need?

The Driving Standards Agency says that, on average, drivers who pass their test now take 45 hours of professional in-car tuition with a qualified instructor and have over 20 hours of additional practice. This obviously depends on the pupil and some learners might need to take even more lessons (and still fail) and some take less but pass. It could be possible to get an idea of the number of lessons you might require to get to test standard on an initial assessment lesson, but if you have a strict budget or time scale to follow it is important you notify us when you book. Bear in mind that any indication you get of the number of lessons you might need assumes that you will make the progress anticipated by your instructor from lesson to lesson.

How soon will I pass the tests?

How soon you pass depends on how many lessons each week you are able to have, how long the lessons are and how close together you have your lessons. The amount of private practice you might be able to have from friends or relatives is also very important. A structured lesson syllabus is the most cost-effective way of getting the best from your instructor and, if your lessons can be supplemented with time in your own vehicle or the family car, this will help you gain valuable extra experience.

The table below provides an indication of the number of lessons required:
10 hrs – For someone who has failed a driving test and needs to retake test.
25 hrs – Has taken driving lessons or some driving experience with maneuvering experience
30 hrs – Has taken driving lessons or some driving experience
35 hrs – Has never driven a car before but has a good idea how the controls work
40 hrs – Has never driven a car before

Please note that everyone’s learning ability is different, some will learn quickly while others will learn slower so the above is just a rough guide.

Let your driving instructor know at the outset the time frame in which you would like to pass the driving test.